Comments from Katte of PHASA


Congratulations on the work and effort the SCI Foundation has done to allow the exportation of Trophy elephant from Zambia. So important to know that these hunts – your foreign currency creates 16 jobs for every client.  More than we can say for any other industry in Africa and the footprint the hunting fraternity leave is that of more areas,  species and number of game being conserved and communities being empowered through training, a secure food source and income/ownership.  One must also state that due to high norms and values guiding the hunting fraternity and the unselfish investment in conservation and communities the hunting fraternity’s contribution  culminate into sustainable and responsible utilization of natural resources.  Many communities and species have seen improvements that was never possible before!  These species, bio-conservation areas and communities absolutely depend on the global hunting fraternity.  Hunting equals sustainable life and livelihoods and the primary focus and impact of hunting is its contribution to conservation and social upliftment that the hunters created.


Well done!


Note from author: Eduard “Katte” Katzke is the current the President of the PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS’ ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA (PHASA)


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