Nice e-mail from Zambia.

Dear Mr. Hosmer,

Hope you are well and that all the pressure from the SCI Convention is somewhat easier and lighter on the shoulders.

The executive committee and I and all the members of the PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS ASSOCIATION of ZAMBIA would like to extend all our thanks and gratitude to you and SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL for the support and unselfish determination to accommodate us as an association. We are grateful for all your efforts even in how insignificance you might think it is, for us it meant the survival of our industry and the prosperity of our country.

Please except our sincere thanks and appreciation for your pressure to uplift the Elephant and ivory ban for Zambia, the SCI Convention booth, AWCF sponsorship and funds towards our travel expenses. Without your generous sponsorship we would not be able to form such a great part in the international hunting arena.

PHAZ would also like to extend our congratulation to you in your appointment as the new SCI Foundation President.

Please convey our gratitude to the SCI board of directors.

Yours sincerely,

Phil C. Minnaar



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