SCI’s Response to GoDaddy Elephant hunt – and other updates

First, I’d like to share a clip with you that ran on NBC Nightly News this week featuring SCI president Larry Rudolph as a quick part of a segment that focused on GoDaddy CEO & SCI Member Bob Parson’s elephant hunt video. The Herald Group facilitated an interview with Larry and NBC Nightly News, and while the interview itself was actually much longer, we still managed to get into the story, if only for a few seconds. This was a huge opportunity at the national level and I’d like to thank Larry for jumping off a plane in Tucson and heading straight to the studio to record the interview so that we could be included in the segment. A link to the clip is here and we will be distributing to the full membership as well:

Also, Doug Burdin, SCI Litigation Council, appeared today in U.S. District Court in theDistrict of Columbia to argue in support of SCI’s lawsuit challenging the polar bear import ban. The Herald Group facilitated a phone interview yesterday with Doug and a reporter from McClatchy Newspapers, the third largest newspaper outlet in the country. The story will likely run later this week and we will send along for your review when it hits.

Finally, I’m sure most of you have seen the joint statement we put out late yesterday along with a coalition of other sportsmen’s groups on the wolf delisting issue. We are making sure to circulate the statement far and wide and have already seen some good pick up in outdoor outlets. A link to the full statement is here:

First For Hunters,


Melissa Simpson
Director of Government Affairs
and Science Based Conservation
Safari Club International
Washington, DC

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