One thought on “Most Kid Friendly Hunting States: Youth Hunting Age Limits By State

  1. Hi Joe,

        I just did an interview for a new TV series, The American Hunter,  which is being produced by Ron C. Meyers, , in cooperation with the NRA, Boone and Crockett, Ducks Unlimited, and a group of other organizations, My part of the series is #4.

    1] An early historical perspective on the role of hunting in settling the country. Perhaps including some well-known historical figures like Daniel Boone Teddy Roosevelt etc.

    2] A hunter’s paradise- the primary game animals hunted past and present

    3] The emergence of recreational hunting at the beginning of the 20^th century

    4] The family aspect of hunting and the psychology of the hunter

    5] A strong emphasis on hunting and conservation

    6] The “tools” of the hunter, guns, born arrow, other equipment, skills

    7] And then we would like to look at hunting today in America-classes, training, economics of, conservation work in the field.

    Ron is a real pro and has worked in show biz for many years, and recently did a series on Firearms in America that has been very well-received. He is looking for a celebrity narrator for the series. Do you have any connections to someone who would be a very well-known person who would stick their neck out a little to make this series mainstream?

    Note, after you sent me the Outdoor Speakers Bureau info, I am now part of their group, also.


    James Swan, Ph.D. Co-Executive Producer, “Wild Justice,” Nat. Geo. Channel & CEO, Snow Goose Productions

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