Joe lives on a ranch in Hunt, Texas with his wife Sandy and their two bird dogs. However in most Julys you’ll find them packing up to head for northern New England where they stay until the leaves fall and well into the grouse and woodcock season. Then back south for quail and into the plains for pheasants.

Professionally, Joe Hosmer has had a successful career of over three decades, in corporate business, as a professional and as an entrepreneur. In 1979, Joe established MOUNTAIN, LTD.™ and over the following 28 years, his firm evolved to become a leading provider of telecom staffing, and direct placement services, on a worldwide basis. Joe resigned as Chairman, President, and CEO when he and his wife Sandy sold the firm in January of 2007. MOUNTAIN, LTD. employes approximately 500 professionals, working on 3 continents.

At present, Joe also serves as President of Durham~Hunt, Ltd., a real property corporation which he owns with his wife Sandy.

Joe also has sat on the Board of Directors of five communications (Telecom, CATV, and ISP) related corporations, three Professional Trade Associations, and several non-profit associations Boards.

In 2003, Joe was appointed to the Business Advisory Council (BAC), which is affiliated with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). Later he became a member of the Presidential Business Commission. He was recognized in 2004 with the ‘Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal’ “…for his support of conservative initiatives within the business community”. In 2005 he won the ‘Business Man of the Year’ award, for the state of Maine.

In 2011, Joe was honored to be inducted into the Telephone Hall of Fame. This was especially special for Joe as his father was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989.

In 2014, Joe was inducted into the National Association Of Personnel Services (NAPS) Hall Of Fame for his contribution to the industry and his expertise in talent recruitment.
Growing up on a farm in Vermont, Joe was raised with a first hand knowledge and appreciation for nature, conservation and sustainable use. He has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation advocacy for decades now, particularly within the global hunting community.

In 2004 Hosmer served on the five person Board of Directors of Maine’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Council, the group that orchestrated the defeat of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) authored Maine Bear Referendum.

Of note, Hosmer has testified before the U.S. Congress regarding the benefits of International Wildlife funding, as well as presenting to the European Union’s wildlife committee about CITES matters. He has addressed a formal U.S. Congressional breakfast meeting about the African poaching crisis and as such has been the guest of honor at the Botswana Embassy in Washington, D.C. He has usually presided over the African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) since 2006. The AWCF is a multinational forum that brings Government leaders, political and scientific agencies, NGOs, United Nations, CITES, Professional Hunter Associations and other wildlife stakeholders together to collaborate on current wildlife matters.

When hunting was closed in Tajikistan, Hosmer joined a team of Wildlife Biologists as a Wildlife Economist and made several trips to Tajikistan. He joined the biologists in the field as well as led negotiations with the office of that country’s President. Together they successfully reopened the sustainable-use hunting of Marco Polo sheep.

Joe is now directly involved with the leadership of: Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, CAMPFIRE Trust of Zimbabwe, and Safari Club International Foundation. He was recently honored (2017) as the recipient of the most prestigious SCI honor; the Hall Of Fame award for his dedication, achievements and efforts in worldwide conservation.

Joe has served on the SCI and SCI Foundation Executive Committee from 2003 to 2010. During these years, he was elected into the position of Vice President or Corporate Treasurer. In 2010 he stepped away from the Executive Committee to serve the SCI Foundation as its President from December 2010 to June 2017. Hosmer still serves on the SCI Foundation Advisory Board.

Update: August 2017