Where in the world is he?

2016 Home Base:

January 1 – July 14. Hunt, Texas

July 18 – October 18. Durham, Maine (Freeport, Maine mailing address)

October 22 – December 31.  Hunt, Texas
2016 International Detours:

Mexico – March

Argentina – Cancelled

Africa – Cancelled

2017 Home Base:

January 1 – June 15 Hunt, Texas

June 15 – October 31 Littleton, New Hampshire

November 1 – December 31 Hunt, Texas

2018 Home Base:

January 1 – June 1 Hunt, Texas

June 2 – July 5 Fredricksberg, Texas

July 6 – November 1 Littleton, NH

November 2 – December 31 Fredricksberg, Texas

3 thoughts on “Where in the world is he?

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